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Meet Marissa and Biscuit.

Your Design Dream Team

About Marissa


As an award-winning freelance designer, I’ve honed my skills over the years with a unique understanding of the intricate needs of the design world. My journey started in the field, wearing all the hats and juggling various roles. However, I found my true passion lay in technical drawings and detailed designs.

Working with award-winning design build firms and solo designers, I’ve assisted businesses in developing clear, detailed, and effective designs. My goal is to be your reliable teammate, providing personalized service tailored to each business I work with. I believe in learning what makes your business unique and taking your drawings, renderings, and construction documents to the next level while maintaining your work-life balance.

As an active member of Pro New England, I bring a hands-on approach to every project, combining on-site experience with contractors, designers, and homeowners. This collaboration results in plans that not only sell projects but also communicate clearly with installers and, most importantly, meet homeowners’ needs.

In my personal time, you’ll find me exploring my creative side through paper crafting, attempting watercolors, and, of course, spending quality moments with my spouse and our Corgi, Biscuit.

About Biscuit


Biscuit isn’t just a pet; he’s an integral part of the Collaborative Concepts family. His playful energy and keen observations often inspire elements in our designs. As our unofficial mascot, he adds a touch of joy and companionship to the creative process.

Together, we form a dynamic duo committed to turning your design dreams into reality. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or revitalizing an existing space, Collaborative Concepts is here to make the journey enjoyable and successful. Let’s create something extraordinary together.