1920s Meets 2020s Bath

This bathroom project, in collaboration with Gallagher Remodeling and Amy McFadden, was a distinctive undertaking to modernize the bathrooms of a historical home while preserving its 1920s charm. The challenge was to update the baths to suit the needs of a modern family without compromising the home's historical integrity.


  • Update the first-floor and primary bathrooms to meet the needs of a contemporary family.
  • Maintain and enhance the original charm of the home.
  • Choose materials and fixtures that resonate with the home’s age and style.


For the first-floor bath, we chose materials and fixtures that spoke to the age of the house. The layout was mostly preserved, with improvements made for better space utilization. In the primary bath, the arch into the tub/shower area was retained to keep the home’s original charm. The finishes and fixtures were carefully selected to reflect the home’s age and style, while a furniture piece was added to provide useful storage space for the clients.


  • The bathrooms now offer a beautiful and functional space that fits the needs of the homeowners.
  • The design honors the style and history of the home while providing modern amenities and conveniences.
  • The blend of historical and contemporary elements creates a unique and appealing aesthetic that respects the home’s heritage.

Project Highlights:

  • Historical Integrity: Skillful preservation of the home’s 1920s character in the bathroom renovations.
  • Modern Functionality: Updates that enhance usability while respecting the home’s original design.
  • Aesthetic Harmony: A blend of old and new elements to create bathrooms that are both charming and practical.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized design decisions that meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowners.

This project is a prime example of our expertise in merging historical charm with modern functionality. It demonstrates our ability to respect and enhance the character of a home while making it suitable for contemporary living.